VASONASO - Introduction

The Italian painter Giorgio Morandi spent most of his life painting still life of bottles and potteries.  
Matteo Cibic in order to understand his obsession decided to start a 1 year research project on that.

1) The project will start on 1st January 2016 and end on 31st December 2016.

2) Everyday for 365 days Matteo will handmade a vase with a nose.

3) Everyday at 12am (GMT, London Uk) it will be published on this site.

4) First come, first served. There is just one per day.

Review by Leonard Koren

"Matteo Cibic is the future of Italian design.
He has fabulous ideas and a genius spirit.
His latest project, VasoNaso, is a case in point: 365 new objects—one for each day of 2016—handmade in Italy by the maestro himself. Matteo promises that each object will have its own soul, its own personality. There will be good objects and bad objects. There will be extroverts and introverts. Lovers and loners . . . 

Only by combining two objects one can assess the differences, feel and cross the relations, and imagine a story that binds them.

Matteo pledges to transform primordial materiality into a sociological wonderland. He’ll even throw in some metaphysics.  

I just placed my order. Perhaps you should too?"

-Leonard Koren