Newsweek International by Matteo Cibic

The Flexible Living by Matteo Cibic

A special project for the presentation of the new flexible Timberland Boatshoe.
The massive sculpture/bench was placed in Piazza XXV Aprile during Milano Design Week.
#timberlandcollective @timberland_ue

WILD RIDER by Matteo Cibic

Black Beauty, Jolly Jumper e Gunpowder are 3 sculptures to ride, that hide secret functions.
On Wednesday the sculptures will take life with a live concert/performance by Musicamorfosi.


Replay - The Stage
p.zza Gae Aulenti , MM Garibaldi
Everyday 10.00/20.00
Opening & Concert - 13th April -  18.30 / 21.00