TIM - Italian leading telco company - commissioned us to design a cover for the new massive headquarter in Rome. The result is a massive reflective translucent surface that change color throughout the day.

Curated by Caroline Corbetta


Luisaviaroma - haute couture concept store - commissioned us an artistic installation about a future landscape. The result is a dream about possible new minerals and plants that will be discovered with the melting of the Arctic Polar cap, such as multicolor hologram marbles and strange hairy plants.

Curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri

flexible living

Timberland commissioned a set of 4 benches for the City of Milan. I was inspired by their new flexible Boat Shoe that allows to jump and cycle rapidly from side to side in the daily metropolitan routine.

The tile club

Marazzi - world’s biggest ceramic tile producer - commissioned to create a special temporary showroom.
We designed a club entirely made of ceramic tiles: furnitures, walls, floors, artworks, benches, the kitchen, and many small props were all custom designed and produce accordingly.

Designed with Studio Blanco